Chop Chat College Football 2019 game picks: Bowl Season

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Mandatory Credit: Eliot J. Schechter /Allsport

Here’s a look at this week’s top college football games and whom the Chop Chat’s staff thinks will win each of the showdowns.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, the holiday season has arrived and brought with it the best gift possible – a college football bowl season that isn’t just about the two semifinal games of the playoff system, but over three dozen more games that have plenty of interesting battles.

It started last Saturday in places like Albuquerque and Boca Raton and goes all the way until the second weekend of next month in New Orleans when a national champion will be crowned out of four teams from power conferences that each have an argument why they can win it all.

But before we can even think about those playoff battles, we have games from Miami Gardens to El Paso that will help decide bragging rights for the offseason – and will decide a championship right here among the Chop Chat staff. Here’s a look how everyone did last week and the updated standings.

Season Standings

Kelvin Hunt – 108-42 (.720)     Last Week: 10-0

Kyle Albritton – 106-44 (.707)     Last Week: 8-2

Sam Tschida – 106-44 (.707)     Last Week: 9-1

Jason Parker – 99-51 (.660)     Last Week: 8-2

Holton Graham – 97-53 (.647)     Last Week: 8-2

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