Chop Chat College Football 2019 game picks: Championship Weekend

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Here’s a look at this week’s top college football games and whom the Chop Chat’s staff thinks will win each of the showdowns.

For 20 college football teams, there will be an extra game to play as this week marks championship weekend in the sport – you remember that, FSU football fans. It was that weekend we used to take part in before our last two full time head coaches decided it wouldn’t be fun to actually try anymore.

This season, the mid-majors give us several interesting matchups with a few rematches – one a very recent rematch – while the power conferences give us several ranked battles that shouldn’t be a challenge at all for those teams almost assured a spot in the playoffs.

Of course, like any battle we go to the finish here at Chop Chat with our weekly picks – and judging by the way it looks right now, it looks like two of us gave up on this thing a long time ago and there is a race between three for who will win the crown this season.

Here’s a look how everyone did last week and the updated standings.

Season Standings

Kelvin Hunt – 98-42 (.700)     Last Week: 6-4

Kyle Albritton – 98-42 (.700)     Last Week: 8-2

Sam Tschida – 97-43 (.693)     Last Week: 7-3

Jason Parker – 91-49 (.650)     Last Week: 5-5

Holton Graham – 89-51 (.636)     Last Week: 7-3

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