FSU Football: How fast and explosive is Willie Taggart’s offense?

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 (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

The offense with FSU football is expected to change from the old regime under Willie Taggart.

The thought of FSU football returning back to the glory years of Charlie Ward doing his thing and Peter Warrick being the most exciting receiver in college football sure is appealing.

Especially after the 2017 season where the FSU offense was slow, boring and barely averaged over 25 points per game on the season.

Things are expected to change with head coach Willie Taggart who’s known as an offensive minded coach that calls his own plays.

We’ve all heard his “Lethal Simplicity” explanation for his offense, and he’s been able to develop some vaunted offenses once he’s adapted his offense to his personnel.

That’s something the former regime seemingly lacked, the ability to take advantage of obvious mismatches in their favor. Instead, the former regime relied too much on the play working instead of allowing players to actually make plays.

I think occasionally they were, but overall, plays were not schemed to take advantage of say Auden Tate going up against a 5’10” cornerback in a one-on-one match up in a game.

Think about it, how many games can you think of where a FSU  receiver just had a monster game with double-digit receptions and over 100 yards receiving? They’re few and far between right?

Anyways, I took a look at Willie Taggart’s offense compared to the former to see how they compared when it came to explosive plays and tempo.

You’ll probably be surprised at the raw numbers.

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