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Jimbo Fisher on Camp, Weight Loss, and the White House

As he wraps up the June session of his three-day high school football camp, Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher spoke briefly with members of the media about a variety of topics, beginning with camp:

I thought it went real well. I thought it was really well organized by our assistant coaches, I thought our players did a good job running it and teaching, because like we say, whether you’re a prospect or you’re not a prospect, we teach everyone the same, make everyone the same, want to make them better, and coach them just like our players.

Fisher also discussed whether there is a benefit to having his players work with the campers:

No doubt. And I’m going to tell you where it’s coming from: understanding what a coach goes through. A lot of them come to me and say, “Coach, I get it it—man, this is tiring. This is tiring standing out here, tiring work.” And I said, then go watch the film and see the hours. Both sides—we’ve been a player; they’ve never been a coach. When they realize what a coach does and what he goes through, and how you teach and you’re trying to get somebody else to perceive it, they see it, and then as a player I think it helps you. Because I think out of all the things I like about this camp and them working this camp is that: that they can understand what coaches go through and have an appreciation for that and then the trust and that respect factor both ways, to me it enhances. And then, when you have to teach something, you’re gonna know it at a different level. A lot of guys can do it, but they say wait a minute, I gotta explain it to someone else. Now you gotta really deep-down consciously think about things, and I think it makes you a better player because I think you understand what you’re doing better.

Noticeably trimmer, Fisher also addressed the motivation behind his 35-40 lb. weight loss:

Just tired of making excuses. Like I tell players, it’s priorities. And also, I started feeling bad, and I think your energy level as a coach, your energy level to do things, and I think when you’re in shape, you’re much more sharp mentally, and I’ve let myself go since I’ve been here, basically, making excuses and doing the wrong thing, and I got tired of it, and said I’m gonna start eating right and start exercising. I feel much better, and I feel healthy.

Fisher closed by discussing the still unrealized trip to the White House for his national championship team:

They’re trying. I mean it looks like it’s gonna be hard cause all the pro players are going, the coaches are going on vacation. We tried to give them a thousand dates, but we couldn’t get it worked out.

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