Florida State Topping the “Everything School”


Earlier this year, the FSU football team earned its third national championship, going 14-0 and scoring more points in a single season than any team, ever. The title run went right through Gainesville and included a 37-7 pounding of UF in its vaunted Swamp.

As a response to the ebullient taunting from the infamous FSUTwitter collective, Gators began boasting the hashtag “EverythingSchool,” claiming that while the ‘Noles may have dominated them in one sport this year, they remained the superior all-around athletic university. Well something just got in the way of the Florida claim: math.

According to the most recent Capital One Cup standings, released today, Florida State’s men’s athletics teams are No. 1 in the country. Florida’s are No. 6. Despite the gap, many Gators contend that their overall athletics are nevertheless stronger, due to the success of their women’s teams– an interesting assertion, since UF’s women come in at No. 10, while the FSU ladies’ teams are currently eighth, nationally.

The final standings are announced after the conclusion of spring sports.

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  • nlb

    Article said it all…do the math.
    Go Noles.

  • Sean Rench

    Ahhhh poor GAYtors!!!!

  • Justanothermonkeyman

    It seems like the nole’ haters have stepped it up into overdrive lately. Although, the gators did beat the noles in basketball (overall) this year and did best us in baseball despite our apparent superiority in that category. Football was no contest this year, I guess those are only the breadwinner sports in the NCAA though.