Sep 2, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) reacts on the sidelines against the Pittsburgh Panthers during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Florida State Seminoles won 41-13. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is Officially a "Thing"

Hyperbole, long time no see. Listen, I know you enjoy getting your panties in a bunch and whatnot, but calm down for a single second. Sure, Jameis Winston had an all-time type of a debut against Pitt. Still, Bole (can I call you Bole?), it was against a Pitt team that started Tom Savage at QB and decided covering receivers was an optional behavioral technique for their defensive backs.

Okay. Seriously. I get it. Jameis Winston is all that and a bag of cheese balls. Even with that, though, lets slow down a little bit on this Winston-mania. I’m not directing that towards the fans, however, just the media (or evil people like myself). For real, it is those media people that ruin neat things like Winston.

For example:

Somehow, magically I suppose, I woke up to ESPN, some blogs, etc. treating Winston as if he cured hangovers. He played a great, great game, but where were they on this bandwagon before this? They are going to overexpose him — only to crush the kid as soon as they have a chance (good thing Craig James is no longer employed) Bluh, I digress.

It’s okay, though, as Chop Chat hacked into (pretend!) some phones last night and found out some interesting things about the media, FSU fans, Pitt fans and some others. Please remember, we don’t advocate this — we just do it.

That isn’t it, though. Casual, been gone for awhile Florida State fans were pretty amped about Jameis Winston as well.

Less cheese balls, more hyperbole.

What about students at FSU?

What about some student-to-student exchanges?

More random stuff:

Chop Chat’s Jack Jorgensen:

Chop Chat basketball genius, Jared Mintz:

Jameis Winston after the game:

Jimbo Fisher:

And finally, the last text message we were able to scoop up…

The end or something.

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